Sunday, November 12, 2006

Horror stories and crazy people...

I had an emotional breakdown today. I was looking at all these horror stories about graduate applications, you know all the stuff that has caused people not to be accepted into graduate programs. Granted, many of these stories came from people applying to really selective schools, but it is a tremendous fear that lurks in the back of any applicants mind. There are stories of admission committees arbitrarily accepting or rejecting people because of the applicants research interests, not that they wouldn't fit with the university, but because the professor wanted someone with interests like theirs getting into the program instead. Or the one that scares me even more than that involves quibbling over three freaking pecentage points on one of the components of the GRE - say 87 compared to 90 and how it would be tragic to accept the person who outperformed 87 percent in lieu of accepting the other.

I just fell apart, curled into the fetal postion and left the world of the sane for a lttle while. After regaining my cognitive faculties, I decided that I would not focus on that stuff for a while, deciding rather to check up on my friends around America via xanga, or facebook, or yes, even blospot. After that rousing game I went to my grandmother and told her my dilemma:

Me: I had a breakdown.
Gma: Did you break something?
Me: No, I had a breakdwon!
Gma: What did you break?
Me: My brain.
Gma: That's the most important part.
Me: No, I mean I had a mental breakdown.
Gma: Did you throw a temper tantrum?
Me: No, but I'm about to. I'm really nervous about school
Gma: Oh

My grandmother - geeze. I think that maybe she's crazy. Not really, but sorta.


craftyminx said...

I'm sorry friend. You should have called me. God know's I've shared too many a breakdown with you. I deserve it.

craftyminx said...

Oh and let me add... You are going to apply and they aren't going to know what hit them. will be the biscuts and gravy that throws them. That and the fact that you're super smart and have tons of fields you are interested in. They will be fighting for you. All of them. Vanderbilt will be calling Louisiana and telling them that they can't have you, because you are integral to their program. It will happen. (and just so you feel a little better... before I rechecked my spelling I had the following errors; Lousianna, Vanderbuilt and becuase.)

craftyminx said...

you better keep your dragon away from my yarn. It seems they have an appetite for stash. :)

Adjective Queen said...

Gypsy: I had a breakdown.
Queen: Do you need a hug?
Gypsy: No, I don't need a hug! I need an acceptance letter!
Queen: Why don't you feel accepted?
Gypsy: I want to go to graduate school! I want to go to graduate school! (Stamps foot.)
Queen: How does that make you feel?
Gypsy: My foot hurts.

Hang in there. It will all be worth it. (If not, I'll share your mental breakdown.)

CosmicAutumnRebellion said...

hi. i have one of these.