Tuesday, December 19, 2006

God please show me!!!

There is so much in the world that I do not understand. I wish that this weren't the case. Why are the people who are the modern faces of my religion people that I don't identify with, at all?

Why is it that abortion is an opprobrious act, but the death penalty is a necessity? Both end a life, a life that someone, somewhere holds precious. How can we justify one form of execution, but condemn another?Are we not all given to the same "fallen nature," who decreed that you or I should judge the actions of another and justify certain iniquities, but decry others.

Why is the union of two homosexuals despicable, but divorce or spousal abuse among heterosexuals doesn't cheapen the sanctity of marriage? Why does the church afford heterosexuals who have been divorced or had extra-marital affairs or copious pre-marital sexual partners to be married in its chapels, but not the other? I do not understand why one love is ordained and the other grotesque, yet both are fallible.

When someone says immigration, why do people automatically think of mexicans or latinos? People all around the world are literally dying to immigrate to America. If people wanted to move here from a western European country, would that be another story? The culture that they would bring is certainly more valuable than whatever Cubans, Columbians or Mexicans can offer? Why shouldn't we open our borders to all people? Just because you were born here, do you think that you deserve the amazing lifestyle that you have ad someone else doesn't? At some point, all of our families came from some other place, why shouldn't others be afforded this same opportunity?

Why is welfare a waste, but prisons are imperative? I find it strange that because certain people commit heinous crimes, have stolen from, raped or murdered other people, they should be separated from society and are provided for, but there are innocent people, individuals and families who cannot provide for themselves, but don't deserve to have these basic provisions. It blows my mind. Are those able to provide not called to care for those who are unable? The widow and the orphan should be treated more poorly than the rapist or murderer? Cannot both of these groups be categorized as needing aid? Don't all people have inalienable rights? Hmmm...

I know that I struggle with it, but can't we all just love and accept one another, not just despite but in light of all of our unique and collective human frailties. I digress; I just do not understand the world in which i have been placed. If there is a consistent ethic, I wish I could see it. I wish I could comprehend it, but alas I cannot.


Emily Megan said...

You make some good points, but I didn't need much convincing.

In many ways I believe that people seek to fix the easiest "problems" first. Some felons cannot function in society; we must lock them up. Many people aren't going to deny that struggling widows need help, but what is the line that classifies help? How do we know that they truly need that help? The problem comes when there is no cut and dry way to classify people. Often we overlook those problems, even if they compromise the consistency of many beliefs.

There are no easy answers when you deal with issues of prejudice and justice.

Adjective Queen said...

You bleeding heart liberal -- talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve! How well I remember thinking about these issues until I was driven mad and came to the weary apathetic state in which I now exist.

All I can do is tell you a little story I heard once:

"God, why don't you help us?" cried a young man, overcome with the injustices of the world. "Send help!"

"I did send help," God replied. "I sent you."

Does it help any? I didn't think so.